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December 29, 2011

I like many of you seem to be struggling,today somehow i lost my two previous post,needless to say I,m a little bit embarrassed and hope that maybe someone from WordPress will read this and give me some guidance.You see all i was trying to do was change my site name from joespenthouse to joeswebmarket/Now for those of you who know me my website is Now when you find your way to my site you will see that it is a Health,Fitness and Wellness site with hundreds of health and fitness products and ways to losing weight and keeping fit.On the front page there is a link for 100 free diabetic food recipes and while in that site if you’re a diabetic you can sign up to be a member and continue to get tons of member benefits.

Also on the site you will find a link that will direct you to fitness programs by Jill Michaels,thousands of women know her fitness videos which are available to you just by visiting my site.Featured under the health and wellness tabs on the right side of the home page is a most interesting and very controversial video by Dr. Suzanne from Arizona.There is a little bit for just about anyone from Internet Marketers looking for the best PLR site on the internet,Scrolling down to or below the facebook and twitter icons you can find dieting sites from various parts of the country.Once i have up-graded to the inner circle with the empowernetwork i will be bring you some very exciting news for making money on the internet and keeping 100% of the commissions you generate because you are given the opportunity as i will find out to have your own merchant account where your payments go directly to you.So if  i have sparked a bit of interest and you would like to find out more,after Jan 3,2012 i will have the sign up information available for you/Now i want you on my team so we can go at this together.As with any team you have to have a leader,I have managed Hotels and Casinos for 40years,working together i know we are going to have a wining team.


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